About Tax Doers

A group of qualified tax practitioners trained to assist in personal tax and related services. Personal tax returns, registrations and tax directives.


What we strive to achieve

To provide convenient, quality, reliable and affordable personal tax services to the South African taxpayer.

Ensure that a client’s tax returns are calculated and submitted accurately and the full benefits within the SA revenue services framework is received.

Efficient service and resolution of any tax related queries.

Represent the taxpayer in any objections that arise due to incorrectly completed returns or where SARS has incorrectly taxed the taxpayer.

Why Tax Doers

  • No More Queues at SARS
  • No time off to go to SARS
  • No refund percentages charged
  • Your refund is your refund, no commission charged on it
  • Driven by our experience in the tax industry you are guaranteed your full tax benefit
  • Value for money
  • We communicate with our clients every step of the way